Classroom-Equivalent TX-SML 23-Hour NMLS Licensing Course (Live Webcast)


Satisfy your NMLS pre-licensing education requirements for Texas by attending a live class on your own computer!

This classroom equivalent (CEQ) course is brought to you by in partnership with the Association of Mortgage Educators (NMLS 1400214). Watch, listen, ask questions, and participate.


You will be provided all of the tools you need to help you successfully complete your MLO pre-licensing education and prepare for your exam! Webinars make a great choice for those who seek to obtain their national mortgage license. This 23-Hour S.A.F.E. Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Course is packed with everything you need to successfully complete your pre-licensure education requirements in an informative and entertaining setting!

  • Dynamic, high-energy courses with a ten minute break each hour:  We use proven methods and engaging hands-on activities
  • Leading instructors: Highly respected instructors adapt their teaching to best meet your learning style
  • The best curriculum: Gain the knowledge and understanding you need to pass the S.A.F.E. Test
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You will receive everything you need to successfully complete your pre-licensure education requirements. Your completion will be uploaded directly into the NMLS Licensing System Database at the conclusion of your course.

  1. Mortgage Lending Overview [35 Minutes]
  2. Federal Regulations & Practices [30 Minutes]
  3. Federal Financial Disclosure Laws [3 Hours]
  4. Federal Privacy Protection [50 Minutes]
  5. Federal Prohibition of Predatory Lending Laws [55 Minutes]
  6. The SAFE Act [35 Minutes]
  7. Government Loan Programs [80 Minutes]
  8. Nontraditional/Nonconforming Loans & Financing [105 Minutes]
  9. Financials & Calculations Review [40 Minutes]
  10. Ethics in Mortgage Lending [170 Minutes]
  11. Selected Consumer Protection Regulations [50 Minutes]
  12. Loan Process / Products and Finance Instruments [50 Minutes]
  13. Conventional Loans / Financing [50 Minutes]
  14. Uniform State Test [50 Minutes]
  15. TX-SML [150 Minutes]


You will also receive at no additional cost: Our NMLS Test Preparation Online Video Course – A $249 value!

This includes our 7-hour online test prep video, our new 4-hour video with recent updates for TRID and UST content, over 1300 PowerPoint slides covering everything you need, our complete NMLS textbook, 50+ pages of exam notes, PDF’s on mortgage terminology, math equations, the latest NMLS test outline, and two 100-question practice exams!

You will also receive:

  • 15-hour loan officer competency training webinar.  After you pass your test, come back to learn the lending fundamentals that are left out of licensing training. A-Z boot camp will teach you competencies so that you can be confident in your job; a $295 value.
  • Four hours of online mortgage sales training, prospect conversion skills for the loan originator. Get loans! A $149 value.

We provide education to many state broker and professional associations.

Yes, our course price DOES include your $30 NMLS education reporting fee.

*NMLS does not allow the use of mobile phones or iPads.