Mortgage Loan Officer Self-Study Course (DVD)


Enjoy our complete 16-hour loan officer training course offered on DVD and textbook. This A-Z boot camp for loan officers and mortgage brokers is designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed in this competitive industry.


You will enjoy a front row seat and see and hear every word our senior trainer delivers to our live class. You will receive a professionally produced boxed set of DVD’s and a course textbook.

Unlike licensing classes, this course teaches loan officers the job. How to read rate sheets and structure deals from them, qualifying borrowers, using a financial calculator, putting a file together, working with underwriters and processors, credit, appraisal, and title as well as disclosures, how every loan program works and who it is for, critical contact points within the transaction, ways to speak to borrowers who are asking the toughest questions and so much more.

This is a confidence and competence course for mortgage professionals who choose not to learn the hard way.