Private PE Events


This course satisfies the 20-hour preliminary education requirements for mortgage loan originators set forth by the SAFE Act.

This course covers topics required by the SAFE Act: Federal lending legislation (3 hrs), ethics (3 hrs), and nontraditional mortgage products (2 hrs). Also included are 12 hours of electives on key concepts, including financial disclosure, privacy protection, consumer I.D., and predatory lending protection laws; government loan programs; the SAFE Act; financial calculations; conventional loans and financing; loan processes, products, and finance instruments; and the Uniform State Test.




  • Live online webinar
  • Fully interactive
  • Fulfills 20-hour NMLS PE requirement
  • All course material included
  • PE credits are uploaded directly into the NMLS system for you


These “private” events are set up for specific groups and are closed to the public.

Contact our office at 866-623-1250 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


We have several instructors who teach our live PE course.  Each have extended experience in the business, have taught our courses in the past, and receive high feedback on our evaluation forms.


Upon successful course completion, your PE credits will be posted with NMLS within 3-5 business days. The NMLS credit banking fee of $1.50 per credit hour is included.

Additional Information

  • Every module has a required reading assignment that may be read online, downloaded and saved, or printed. Students should save/print the reading assignments for ongoing reference after the class ends.
  • Every module—and the Introduction—has a required exam that may be accessed from any page in the module by clicking the Exam button at the top of the screen.
  • Students must achieve a score of 75% on the required exam before the next module is accessible. Students may retake the exams as often as they like during the class session.
  • Although students may be able to access a module and its reading assignment, they can’t start a module exam until it is unlocked.
  • New module exams are unlocked daily throughout the time period of the class session—for example, the Module 3 exam is unlocked on Day 2; the final exam unlocked on Day 11—but students are not required to complete one module each day. They can work at their own pace, but can’t work ahead.
  • The course has several required “homework” assignments. Details for these, and other activities, are available from the Assignments page in each module. Students must complete the assignments to get credit for the course.
  • Students can click on the Course Calendar to see the specific dates when module exams are unlocked or assignments are due.
  • The Course Resources page in the Introduction includes helpful reference documents that can be downloaded, such as instructions for taking tests and posting on discussion threads, answers to reading assignment quizzes, glossary, etc.
  • Students must have their unique NMLS ID available before the class ends. It is required for them to get credit for completing the course. We cannot help them with this; they must contact NMLSdirectly.
  • Students may not access the course after the class end date. Tech support can send them PDFs of course documents, such as reading assignments, after the class ends if necessary.

The approved course numbers for these online courses are:

  • Arizona – 1496
  • New York – 1370
  • Ohio – 1554
  • All Other States – 1228