OriginationPro Mortgage School

LoanOfficerSchool.com now offers advanced coaching and training at OriginationPro Mortgage School. These courses and certifications are online self-paced curriculum that let you learn straight from our experts so you can work towards becoming a Certified Mortgage Advisor and Certified Mortgage Mentor.

This program consists of 4 online courses, which can be purchased separately, or you can save money by buying the Certified Mortgage Advisor package (includes courses 1-3) or the Certified Mortgage Mentor package (includes courses 1-4). Each certification package also includes over $500 in bonus materials!

Please note: These courses are for advanced training and are NOT for your NMLS certification.

What are the courses like?

  • Online self-paced — Start training today and move at the pace which is comfortable for you
  • Review tests after every segment with automatic feedback
  • Final test at the end of each course with automatic grading
  • More closely duplicates NMLS licensing testing environment
  • Choice — Homework assignments checked by us, your own mentors, or self-assessment

Certification Packages

Each certification package comes with the following bonuses, valued at $540

  • FHA/VA Originations Guide – Online Version ($100 value)
  • The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit – Online Version ($200 value)
  • Six-month membership in the OriginationPro Marketing System ($240 value)