Weight Loss chool in this respect. Mr Fung said vocational schools are useful, and the students they train may have some skill or some special function. But if this is enough, then our students will be able Weight Loss to fill the water like teacups, Bench can sit like, can only be a device, not a real person. In this speech, he also made an easy-to-understand solution to what man is and how to become a true man. The so-called people means having his own knowledge and views of the world community, On the basis of this, Weight Loss he further pointed out that in addition to giving professional knowledge Weight Loss to university education, university education can not only be used as a form of education, Should also allow students to develop a clear mind, a warm heart. Only in this way can he understand the society, judge his or her own interests, appreciate some valuable things, and he will Weight Loss not accept ready-made conclusions and will not find out what others say. Mr. Fung also said that the reason for the purpose of university education should be Weight Loss based on the principle of gentleman does not implement is Weight Loss mainly based Weight Loss on the following two reasons First, human beings

are not only facing the problem of usefulness such as eating and dressing, that is, There are many other needs Weight Loss besides eating and dressing. Second, the role of many knowledge weight loss on atkins 40 and learning in life can not be seen in a short period Weight Loss of time, and some can never simple body even be seen. Emphasis on useful is actually a manifestation of ignorance. Besides, many useful learnings have been done in vocational schools and factories, which requires our universities to study what seems to be useless knowledge and to Weight Loss teach those who seem to have no way out. In talking about the above problems, the philosopher still said without humor To be fair, people trained best shake weight loss diet in the school must be doing things. However, what can be learned from philosophy There Weight Loss are various wedding weight loss diet plan vocational schools in the Weight Loss world, there is no philosophical vocational school Ibid., Pp. Weight Loss 220-223. It nirvana weight loss diet is worth mentioning that just a month ago on the celebration of the 37th anniversary of Tsinghua Weight Loss University, Feng Youlan In Review and Prospect of Tsinghua University, he said The establishment of Tsinghua University is a reflection of the Chineses demand for academic independence. Before

Weight Loss

the start of Japans comprehensive war, the progress of Tsinghua University really came to a cease-fire, Weight Loss especially for the integration of the old and the new Success. This has become Tsinghuas academic tradition. He added We will continue this tradition and move forward regardless of political and other changes. Feng Youlans Chronicle, pp. 324-325 , Henan Peoples Publishing House, 1994 edition Before long, Qinghua Garden changed dramatically as the Weight Loss regime changed hands. During this period, Weight Loss Feng Youlan completed the transfer task as president of the school affairs conference. At that time he probably would not have imagined that in just two or three years this Tsinghua Garden with its glorious academic tradition turned into a purely technical university. The discussion on Weight Loss cultivating human or creating machinery also The latter prevails declared the end. I do not Weight Loss know whether it is intentional or coincidental, it Weight Loss is also at this time, Einstein for the New York Times author wrote Only with professional knowledge of people is not enough through professional education, he can become a useful machine, but can not To become

a phentermine and alcohol Weight Loss harmonious person, it is essential that the Weight Loss student vanity weight loss duarte understand the value and produce a warm feeling, and he must obtain a distinctive discernment of beauty and morality, otherwise he, Weight Loss together with his Expertise - more like a well-trained dog than a harmonious person Einstein, vol. III, p. 310. Weight Loss Nevertheless, Tsinghua University still embarks Weight Loss on the Weight Loss Russia as a teacher doug ford weight loss no return. Weight Loss So old Tsinghua The disappearance, dr mark stinger 40 40 diet plan pdf for weight loss including the failure of Tsinghuas traditional Weight Loss loss and general education, has also become one christina weight loss of Feng Youlans biggest heart disease. In the 20th century, China experienced the most

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