NRMLA NMLS 8-Hour CE (Webinar)


Meet the CE deadline by watching and listening to our live class on your own computer with no testing required!

This course satisfies your National CE requirement set forth by the SAFE Act for mortgage loan originators and will keep your attention by providing the material in an interactive and entertaining way while focusing on topics that are most important to the reverse mortgage originator.

***Please note NMLS is requiring webcams for all webinar courses in 2022.  You must be on a webcam to receive course credit.




Reverse mortgages – especially FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program – have become a valuable financial services tool for aging homeowners who wish to use their home equity to finance their retirement years.  Students who specialize in reverse mortgages should have a basic understanding of the history and congressional intent of the HECM program, recent and pending regulatory changes, and product options, such as HECM for Purchase. Because reverse mortgage specialists work with a protected class of American citizens, it’s equally important that we instill a sense of ethical behavior in students, and that they recognize the potential signs of elder abuse, so that they can better serve their aging clients.

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This course satisfies the 8-hr National requirement.  In addition, individuals who complete the 8 Hour SAFE course will receive 8 credits toward the CRMP designation and fulfill the mandatory ethics workshop.


3 Hour SAFE CE Federal Law and Regulation

  • The Role of State Regulators
  • HUD 24 CFR FHA Loan Requirements
  • E-sign Act
  • Reg Z
  • Loan Estimate – General Requirements
  • Closing Disclosure

1 Hour SAFE CE Elective

  • Reverse Mortgages

2 Hour SAFE CE Non-Traditional

  • HECM
  • Non-Borrowing Spouses
  • FHA

2 Hour SAFE CE Ethics

  • Reg B
  • FCRA
  • ECOA
  • Appraisal Rights
  • Affiliated Business Arrangements


  • Live, Instructor-Led Online Webinar —
  • Fully Interactive — Ability to Ask Questions to Instructor
  • 8 Hours Total
  • All Course Material Included
  • CE Credits Uploaded directly into the NMLS System


Any mortgage professional needing to satisfy their 8 hour continued education requirement who doesn’t want the same old boring material read straight from a book or slides.


You need a Computer, Internet, Connection (DSL speed or higher), and Computer Speakers. Each day of class you will be emailed an invitation with your own log-in/ password. From here you can click the link, enter your password, and download, print, or save that day’s course materials. You’ll be able to log into the class up to ½ hour before the class start time where you can ask questions to the instructor.

Once the class starts, you will hear the instructor through your computer speakers. You will also have the ability to ask questions during the webinar through the online chat feature located on the right-hand side of our online training platform.


You will need the following: 1) a Computer, 2) Internet (DSL or higher) and 3) Computer Speakers. Please check beforehand to make sure these items are working properly. Note: dial-up internet connection will not work and wireless internet must have a full signal.

*NMLS does not allow the use of mobile phones or iPads.

***Please note NMLS is requiring webcams for all webinar courses in 2022.  You must be on a webcam to receive course credit.


NMLS charges $1.50 per credit hour to upload CE credits.  You will not be charged additionally for this as this fee is already factored into the cost of the course.


We have several instructors who teach our CE webinar course.  Each have extended experience in the business, have taught our courses in the past, and receive high feedback on our evaluation forms.


Upon successful course completion, your CE credits will be posted with NMLS within TWO business days.


There is no deadline, but we recommend you don’t wait until the last minute so that you have enough time to get the proper links and instructions so that you are prepared to go when the classes start!


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