I just wanted to let you know that the Loan Officer Course you presented was invaluable in my goal to change careers. I ended up interviewing with top firms here in Denver and actually landed a solid position. Several who interviewed me said that they were impressed by my initiative to take training on my own accord. I refer to the manual and the wealth of information included in the Loan Officer Course training manual and keep it in my car wherever I go. Much of the info is written clearer and with less legalese than that found in guidelines written in my Company’s manuals. Please keep me on your ongoing education mailing list! Warmest Regards and the Best of Everything,

Chuck Carlton, WestAmerica Mortgage

Prior to taking the beginner loan officer course, I had worked for almost a year with a mortgage company. In just one weekend I finally grasped mortgage concepts that had intimidated me for months. I was amazed at how simple the mortgage business really is and am more excited than ever about the income possibilities.

J. Wilson

Sharmen, I can’t thank you enough! During my 12 years in the real estate business I have attended my share of seminars, trainings, etc. and have met dozens of “experts” at these events. With your energy, enthusiasm, patience, and knowledge, I can honestly say that you are, without a doubt, one of the best speakers I’ve learned from!! But, what really sets you apart from all the rest is the genuine caring that you have for each and every student you deal with! The people that attend your training not only get to learn from one of the best, they also end up being a better person, myself included!

J.R. Jeffery, The Andraste Group / Calydon Real Estate

I’m so thrilled with your results! You did for my new hire in 2 days what would have taken us 2 to 3 months to do in house! Your dynamic delivery of the fundamental concepts in the mortgage industry and attention to every student’s level of needs was both impressive and outstanding. Back in the office on Monday, I could only thank you silently in my own head as my new hire demonstrated a high level of understanding on a live loan from none 3 days prior to your class. I’m sold and would feel confident in hiring someone out of your loan officer class now that I’ve seen it work in person. I even learned a few things! Keep up the great work and send me your graduates!

J. A. Cordero, President, Pioneer Lending, Inc. - Massachusetts Mortgage Broker

It was a pleasure to attend your class this weekend. It was, for me, exactly what I wanted and I feel I gained immeasurably from the time investment.

Russ Armstrong, Sales Manager, Allstate Home Loans

I greatly appreciated all of the effort that you and your associates put into such a thorough program…

Rhonda Coleman

Just a quick note to say “Thanks again” for an awesome weekend. I learned so much and am very excited to get started in the industry…

Mark Baily

My experience with LoanOfficerSchool.com has been fantastic. From the moment I first called to order course material, to receiving the materials in a timely fashion. These are things that one should be able to expect from a reputable company and LoanOfficerSchool.com delivered as expected. But there is something that sets LoanOfficerSchool.com apart from other training entities I have used in the past, the quality of the training. The quality of the training is next to none. Where other companies provide the nuts and sometimes the bolts of the industry in a dry and difficult to endure delivery; LoanOfficerSchool.com provides the nuts, the bolts, the blueprint, and practical guidance from experienced practitioners of the loan industry. They deliver the material from a position of real world experience and stories that facilitates a much deeper understanding of the concepts in question. For me, at least, this provided a method of experiencing the concept in question, rather than just hearing a lecture. In the company we run, my partner and I have been in the industry for over 20 years. We both thought that we knew the industry pretty well. The training from LoanOfficerSchool.com provided the foundation and additional nuances that even the most experienced Loan Originator may have missed and will benefit from. As we continue to grow our company, we will continue to use LoanOfficerSchool.com for additional personal training and for those we bring into the industry.

And yes, I am a real customer!!!

Chris S.

I just purchased the LoanOfficerSchool.Com Self Study Course to educate my recruits and it is put together vey well. It teaches you everything from how to take an application, rates, compliance and much more. I feel the instructor speaks well and is easy to follow. The kit has 7 VCR Tapes as if you were in the class yourself, and a 300 page workbook to follow along with. The notebook also has some marketing material as well…I feel if you need help at all or just want to continue your education this is for you. I am experienced and I still learned things I didn’t know.

Kelly Stanfield, Carteret Mortgage Officer - Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Thank you for a great class. You did a great job and made the class very interesting. It is nice to see that there are ethical people like you in business. I look forward to attending more classes…

Ellen Church

I really do understand, after seeing you explain it, how important it is to sell a mortgage as a service and not a product. Anyone can get the product anywhere but I aspire to be as confident and prepared as your instructors so I can really provide folks with a service that benefits them more than just an interest rate drop.

I spoke with the other guys from our office and I can tell you that your class put a bounce back in all of our step…

Rob Lang, New American Financial