2023 NMLS 8-Hour CE (Webinar)


This is an all new course developed to meet the requirements for your 2024 NMLS license renewal.  Meet the CE deadline by watching and listening to our live class on your own computer!

Please note NMLS is now requiring webcams for all webinar courses.  You must be on a webcam to receive course credit.

This course satisfies the 8-hr National requirement.  Are you licensed in a state that also has a state-specific requirement as part of your annual CE or are you licensed in more than one state? Phone us at 866-623-1250 or email us at operations@loanofficerschool.com to advise us of your need so that we can properly assist you.




This course satisfies the requirements set forth by the SAFE Act for a comprehensive 8-hour continuing education course for mortgage loan originators and will keep your attention by providing the material in a fun, interactive and entertaining way.

Our material is fully approved by the NMLS and includes a participational case study which takes the place of the exam requirement. This is a better way to learn than an examination and you can use and apply your knowledge in a situation that’s relevant to your mortgage career.

The testimonials we receive from students and mortgage industry leaders summarize our training best:

“I had heard about Loan Officer School’s Continuing Education from a colleague and decided to try it out for the upcoming NMLS requirement. I have to say I am REALLY impressed with the instructors, the content, the questions asked and how easy the signing up process was! Great job Loan Officer School and thanks for making this a painless process!”

“I did not know is was possible to actually ENJOY a CE class but all 50 of us did!  LoanOfficerSchool.com kept the pertinent TRID information and the rest of the class moving in an upbeat and interactive manner.  I have used LoanOfficerSchool.com every year to conduct our CE course for my producers and they knocked it out of the park this time. HighTechLending will not use another school.”  ~ Don Currie, President HighTechLending, Inc.

“Today was the most useful experience I have had in decades of required CE. Loved it.”  ~ Howard P, Branch Manager

You can view our rating and all our reviews at trustlink.org.


Some of the topics in this year’s CE course include:

  • Reg B
  • HPML
  • Reg Z
  • Special Information Booklets
  • SAFE Act
  • Abusive Acts & Prohibited Behaviors
  • ARM’s
  • Temporary Buydowns
  • Reg X
  • ECOA
  • State Regulator Responsibilities
  • Multi-State Mortgage Committee


  • Live, Instructor-Led Online Webinar —
  • Fully Interactive — Ability to Ask Questions to Instructor
  • Fulfills 8HR NMLS CE Requirement
  • All Course Material Included
  • NMLS fees are included and CE Credits are uploaded directly into the NMLS System for you


Any mortgage professional needing to satisfy their 8 hour continued education requirement who doesn’t want the same old boring material read straight from a book or slides.


You need a computer, internet, connection (DSL speed or higher), computer speakers, and webcam. You will be sent an email containing the webinar instructions and access links for each session.  NMLS requires full attendance and participation so be sure to be on time for each session and communicate with the instructor via the online chat feature located on the right-hand side of our online training platform.

Once the class starts, you will hear the instructor through your computer speakers. You will also have the ability to ask questions during the webinar through the chat feature.


You will need the following: 1) a Computer, 2) Internet (DSL or higher) 3) Computer Speakers 4) Webcam. Please check beforehand to make sure these items are working properly. Note: dial-up internet connection will not work and wireless internet must have a full signal.

*NMLS does not allow the use of mobile phones or iPads.

***Please note NMLS is now requiring webcams for all webinar courses.  You must be on a webcam to receive course credit.


NMLS charges $1.50 per credit hour to upload CE credits.  You will not be charged additionally for this as this fee is already factored into the cost of the course.


We have several instructors who teach our CE webinar course.  Each have extended experience in the business, have taught our courses in the past, and receive high feedback on our evaluation forms.


Upon successful course completion, your CE credits will be posted with NMLS within TWO business days.


There is no deadline, but we recommend you don’t wait until the last minute so that you have enough time to get the proper links and instructions so that you are prepared to go when the classes start!


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