Live Classroom 20-Hour NMLS Licensing Course


Satisfy the NMLS licensing requirement in a classroom with one of our instructors in just two days! This 20-hour S.A.F.E. Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Originator Course from is packed with everything you need to successfully complete your pre-licensure education requirements in an informative and entertaining setting.

  • Dynamic, high-energy courses: Using proven methods and engaging hands-on activities
  • The leading instructors: Highly respected instructors adapt their teaching to best meet your learning style
  • The best curriculum: Gain the knowledge and understanding you need to pass the S.A.F.E. Test


You’ll get everything you need to successfully complete your pre-licensure education requirements. Your 20 credit hours will be uploaded directly into the NMLS Licensing System Database at the completion of your course.

You will also receive our entire test prep package at no additional cost 

  • 7-hour professional video: Our test preparation video has been professionally recorded, edited, and produced by Video Magic, of Hollywood, CA. Online 24/7, our senior instructor will take you through each section of the test with hundreds of PowerPoint slides built into the presentation and detailed information you will only receive from us. The video is focused solely on you passing your NMLS test. Watch a training preview of this course now.
  • Final review cram course: Over 500 PowerPoint slides broken down in the areas of federal law, nontraditional lending, ethics, and loan origination activity. View this presentation online or download the slideshow for flashcard-style learning.
  • All of the PowerPoint slides used in our 20-hour licensing course. This includes over 800 slides covering every aspect of loan origination including general mortgage knowledge, loan origination activities, ethics, federal law, and much more!
  • NEW 4-hour video covering recent industry changes including TRID, The Home Loan Toolkit, and Safeguards Rule.
  • Our complete NMLS textbook is provided in PDF format.
  • 50+ pages of exam study notes: This resource provides advice, guidance, and direction in preparing for and taking your NMLS test. It will direct you to additional resources on each of the major topics of RESPA, Dodd-Frank, Reg Z, Acts and dates with links links to each. It contains tips on overcoming the difficult formatting and wording of the test. The document is complete with bullet points, talking points and high points from the NMLS curriculum.
  • We also include PDF’s on Mortgage Terminology, Math Equations, the latest NMLS Test Outline, and two 100-question practice exams!
  • Entire NMLS-approved curriculum as an audio MP3: Our entire NMLS-approved curriculum was recorded as an audio MP3 and will allow you to download and listen to 16 hours of training on any device that plays MP3’s. Listen on your phone, tablet, iPod, in your car, or while you exercise and our senior instructor will clearly explain all of the NMLS licensing topics in a way that few others can; so that you clearly understand them.

The course price DOES include your $30 NMLS fee.

We provide education to many state broker and professional associations.


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