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This Mortgage 101 Boot Camp is a course of study through which the new Mortgage Loan Originator, veteran Mortgage Loan Originator, and individuals considering a career in mortgage origination will learn the processes and acquire the tools necessary to originate mortgages effectively and compliantly. This is not a licensing course.

For experienced loan officers, this is a valuable refresher offering exciting and proven business strategies to turbo-boost one’s career to the next level.

Beginning with an introduction to standard mortgage concepts and calculations, the Mortgage 101 Boot Camp instills the foundation of solid mortgage origination.  The course continues by delving into updated areas of compliance, effective origination practices, and winning sales, customer service, and business development techniques. The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp provides all of the necessary fundamentals as well as the advanced skills to perform successfully and compliantly as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Some of the various concepts covered in the course include:

Some of the various concepts covered in the course include: 

  • U.S. mortgage history
  • The fundamentals of mortgage origination
  • The nuts and bolts of mortgage origination and qualification
  • Common mortgage practices
  • How to prepare the customer for a winning application
  • How to take an effective application
  • Mortgage documentation
  • Current TRID guidelines
  • Fraud, ethics, and updates to compliance
  • The basics of securitization
  • Title insurance
  • Winning origination practices
  • How to originate like an underwriter
  • Effective and proven customer service strategies
  • Effective referral and sales strategies
  • Ways to identify and capture new business
  • Mastering sales, customer service, and communication skills
  • Professional confidence

The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp incorporates various exercises and case studies throughout the course.

Each participant concludes the course equipped with a valuable understanding of how to perform as a Mortgage Loan Originator compliantly and successfully.  The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp arms each attendee with the necessary skills to originate quality mortgage files leaving them on the best possible foundation from which to launch or continue their successful mortgage career.

This dynamic, high-energy course includes a ten minute break each hour.

Our highly respected instructors adapt their teaching to best meet your learning style.

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You will also receive four hours of online mortgage sales training, prospect conversion skills for the loan originator. Get loans! A $149 value.

We provide education to many state broker and professional associations.


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