Mortgage Lender Training for Nebraska

Mortgage Lender Training for Nebraska2018-07-19T12:46:05+00:00

Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance
Commerce Court
1230 ‘O’ Street, Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68508-1402
(402) 471-2171

Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance licensed mortgage loan officers require 22 hours of pre-licensing education; The national 20-hour class and an additional 2 hours of state law. will include your 2 hours of state law with our full price national 20-hour course at no additional cost.

All states require a national exam for licensing. Nebraska does not require an additional state test, requires 2 hour of separate state law for those who are currently NMLS-licensed elsewhere, and requires 8 hours of continuing education (CE) annually for NMLS-licensed mortgage loan officers.